Maece Seirafi





Our Mission:

MSD operates within the intersection of design, strategy, and cultural anthropology. We dive deep into your company’s story, unique culture; and bring your vision into fruition. At MSD, we craft your ideas into timeless successful brands to help your business thrive. When your brand is rooted in strategy, it creates a compelling story behind your visuals and brand identity. The result is a brand identity system that attracts your ideal target audience to help your business grow and add value to your customers.

Our Story:

MSD stands for Maece Seirafi Design, named after    the founder and creative director. Maece is a passionate creative, with roots in two cultures combining the best of Los Angeles, California inspired by Damascus, Syria.  She established a boutique agency that focuses on brand strategy and brand identity targeted specifically for mid-size businesses, creative entrepreneurs, and hospitality brands. Take   a look at some of our recent projects.