Beauty Beneath the Rubble

Beauty Beneath the Rubble


The Approach:

The first approach focused on a strategy-led session with author of the book Nushin Alloo. We identified two of her primary customers families with children ages 5-7, and elementary school teachers. Both of which valued story time with the children. Throughout the user journeys, we noticed this was an initiative to preserve and highlight the unforgotten heritage of Syria. A rich experience filled with history, culture, and adventure stemming from conflict stricken countries to children and adults alike. This was a commentary about conflict stricken countries not as forgotten nations but as celebrated cultures being passed down to future generations.


Scope of Project:

Strategy, branding, identity systems, website, children’s book.


The Story:

Many who have visited Syria have left the country with a positive experience they wish to remember it by. The idea is to contain that rich cultural experience; it once was, based on locals and visitors who have seen Syria for what it really is. Containing such cultural nuances in books to be shared with families. 


The Challenge: 

While many people form misconceptions about conflict-ridden countries from a variety of news outlines, on countries such as Syria, it is important to contrast that negativity by providing a positive light about the country through its rich culture and history. The mission is heavily based on education through story telling as a medium seen through it’s entire brand touch points. While many perceive Syria to be a war-zone and only choose to see it that way, we aim to look at Syria as a once flourishing country worth inspiring and educating the younger generation about it’s culture, history, and geography. 


The Solution: 

A brand identity system, children’s book, and website were designed to promote Beauty Beneath the Rubble as an educational platform showcasing children’s books of conflict driven cultures. Beauty Beneath the Rubble aims to highlight and help change the narrative of countries often associated with conflict by exploring them at their best.

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