Concentric Legal Case Study

Concentric Legal Case Study


The Approach:

The first approach focused on a strategy-led session with the Concentric Legal team. We identified three of their primary customers, large firms attorneys, entry-level attorneys, and customers in need of legal services. In our findings, we noticed a few key pain points that kept on resurfacing: Burnt out, exhausted, and over-worked. The brand needed to embody a friendly and approachable feel to attract over-worked attorneys and provide comfortable co-working space to offload the logistics of running a law firm. 


The second approach was to generate a list of brand attributes that embodied the company’s voice, value, culture, and benefit to create their brand positioning statement. By researching and gathering customer profiles and list of brand attributes, we developed a brand identity system that directly connected to their targeted customers.


Scope of Project:

Strategy, branding, and identity systems.


The Story:

Busy attorneys working long hours are in need of a co-working space that allows them to offload the logistics aspect of their business and focus solely on client legal cases.


The Challenge: 

Building a brand that provides a friendly and welcoming co-working environment tailored specifically to legal professionals to allow them to focus on their clients.


The Solution: 

A brand identity system designed to promote Concentric Legal as a friendly co-working space that provides logistic services to empower attorneys to focus on their legal clients.   

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